My Start to University


It’s been a while since I’ve been at all active on Social Media and I apologise. However, in the last three months my life has completely changed and evolved.

I started university.

I was thrust into independence and felt completely unprepared. The first few weeks were a struggle, this cannot be denied. All the new people and all the new experiences were somewhat overwhelming but I tried to embrace them all with open arms.

I’ve met some incredible people already and my flat mates are better than I could’ve expected. At some point I’ll write a very detailed description of what has been going on but this is just a quick post to explain why I’ve been away.

I kind of forgot about social media in a weird way. In summer, I was dedicated to posting and keeping up content. Yet, when I got here, posting became something of a chore. I just didn’t feel motivated to update. Life was moving at such a fast pace and I was learning so many new things that, unfortunately, social media was cut out. I even said to my partner that I had retired from Instagram and everything. BUT, I am feeling creative and I’m ready to start writing and producing content again! So I want to spend a month or two getting my online presence back to where it was and see where we go from there!

Can’t wait for 2018!

Thanks, Kenny šŸ™‚

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