Studygrammers – Creative Innovators

Recently, I was browsing Instagram, as I do every day, when I came across a community which was new to me. I was instantly enamoured and obsessed with their content.

Studygrammers are Instagram creators who publish photos of their study notes and study spaces. I was attracted first by the way their feeds looked. They were bright, colourful and so tidy! The precision of their handwriting and calligraphy was something I had never seen before in this context. Some of these creators accompany their notes with drawings and small paintings to illustrate to themselves what they had written. Each one looking to have taken hours to perfect.

The way their study spaces were set out really inspired me to make my desk seem more study friendly as I used to prefer the bare and minimalistic look. However, the Studygrammers are surrounded by an abundance of pens and sticky notes. This working environment appealed to me and taught me that I would perhaps be more inclined to study if I was able to bring a creative twist into the process. If you read my blog post summing up my first semester at university, you’ll know I struggled to self motivate.

My favourite Studygrammers that I have found are listed below along with my favourite photos of theirs. I have included their usernames (with links) so PLEASE go and check out their incredible profiles if you get the chance! I tried to include the biggest, most popular profiles I could, as well as some with a small following to try and give a platform to their work.

As you can see by the title, I adore the content these people are putting out. Calling them Creative Innovators is not a stretch of the imagination at all. They are talented artists who are channelling their abilities into their educational process which is something that I find amazing!



Emma is a Comms student who is pioneering the studgramming community. Her account, on time of writing this, has 276,000 followers! (That number is almost the same as the population of Barbados!) She told me that she started posting due to a lack of study motivation and was inspired by photos she found on Tumblr. She stays the secret to success was being honest with her followers about how this is not the secret to study success and that she does procrastinate. She is not portraying an image of constant, uninterrupted study which is something I really like about her page! She is posting her gorgeous photos and also being honest about her life behind it.

Emma also told me that her photos have allowed her to grow an audience that have been inspired to study and get serious about education because of her. This really connected with me because education is so important so making it more fun and creative is something I am very interested in. The education system often doesn’t allow for creativity to be expressed so Emma spreading how she entwined creativity and study is something I really love.




Megan studies Education and Politics and currently sits at over 37,300 followers on time of writing this. I spoke to Megan about her Instagram presence and what she said was quite interesting. Megan told me that, in actual fact, she found it wasn’t necessarily helping her study even though it was aesthetically pleasing. She plans on changing her study note style but whatever she does I am sure will be just as beautiful to look at. These are my two favourite snaps on her feed and you can see why I am a lover of what she does! What I like most about Megan is her perfect handwriting that make her notes look like a personal text book!



This account attracted me by their sheer artistic talent! This profile has done many small paintings and pieces of art as well as their ornate study notes. This profile has, at time of writing, over 5,700 followers meaning it is the smallest of the accounts featured in this post but is growing so so fast! I love their style and hope you guys do too!


Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you take a look at the accounts listed in this post and maybe follow a few for yourself!


Kenny x


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