Semester Two Modules – University Life #3

Hi guys! I’m writing this little university update simply because my other ones were very well received and you readers seem to enjoy the university centred posts!

So, on Monday I began Semester Two! I came into this semester with a very positive attitude and if you want to read more about that, check out my other blog post.

This Semester I am once again doing three modules. One of which is a discovery module, an option I didn’t get in my first semester. The discovery module I chose to do was Creative Writing. I had toyed with the idea of doing a module in Education, Theatre or even Media but settled on Creative Writing. The reason I didn’t choose Education was because I needed a creative outlet. All through my academic experience I’ve had a certain subject that gave me creative control and not having time to be super creative in semester one is a reason, I believe, that I didn’t reach my full potential.

Creative Writing is something that I have been passionate about for a long time and the idea was to do something I enjoy when I enrolled in September. However, now I believe that it will help me stick to my blogging schedule and keep me in a productive and excited headspace. Being creative and the process of creating content for others is such a huge passion of mine and I hope this module will aid me in this regard.

My linguistics module this semester is called Meaning and Use and the content is self explanatory. The module is going to explore what language means to individuals, how it is learnt and language in society. I am looking forward to some elements of this module more than others. For example, at A-Level I didn’t gel well with child language acquisition so it remains to be seen if this module will focus on that. Nevertheless, I plan to make a concerted effort to understand and enjoy this module and work hard.

The English Language module I’ll be studying this semester is named Context, Culture and Style. This is a module I am very much looking forward too as I believe it contains the History of the English Language! I really enjoyed History and studied it at A-Level and it has been a passion of mine for a long while. Although, at A-Level, I didn’t connect with all the topics I did really love the learning process. In this module I also believe I have the opportunity to learn about regional variation and dialect. This involves analysing accents etc.! I have a huge fascination with accents and a wonder as to how they were formed. One of my flat mates has a slight Geordie accent and I adore it. I think she thinks that I make fun of her a bit but it is honestly because accents fascinate me.

So, there it is! My university semester two modules in a nut shell! I plan to make the University Life series a bit of a thing here on my blog so if you liked this then please keep in touch!




Kenny x

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