A Breath of Fresh Motivation | University Life #4

*takes a long deep breath*

I’m feeling good.

I’m feeling really good and really positive.

This semester at university has got off to such an incredible start. After last semester (which you can read about here)  I knew I had to make a change. I knew that to succeed I would have to change my habits, get in a better mental head space and keep myself motivated.

It started off with something very simple that has completely altered my life. At 11pm every night, I put my phone down, turn my laptop off and read until I feel my eyelids get heavy. I usually feel the heaviness at around 11:45pm and I am asleep by 00:30am every night. Some people may still see this as being late but for me it such an improvement. Avoiding caffeine and reading has allowed to me to go from falling asleep between 3am and 4am to the time I previously mentioned.

I wake up earlier and with more vigour. I am able to concentrate for longer periods of time and motivate myself to do work for hours every day. Plunging myself into these first few weeks of study has been like getting a handful of cold water and throwing it over my face.

I’ve spent hours in the library and at my desk reading, making notes and soaking in the information. In addition, I applied for a project in which I would make a newsletter for the Child Development Unit (Linguistics) of my university and I got it! It might not sound like much but it is already teaching me how to be professional as I have to gain information from leaders in the field about their work. It is also allowing me to be creative as I get to design and structure the newsletter. It is experiences like this that enrich your CV and keep you busy at university. Why not go for opportunities that are open to you? I am enjoying the sense of professional responsibility very much.

My overwhelming veil of loneliness has lifted and I feel so energetic. I am filling my time with study and actually went out socialising the other day (absolute result).  I just wanted to write this as a way of saying you can lift yourself out of any negative rut you are going through with your studies. Change your habits and get your head in the game as university (in fact, education as a whole) only happens once and you shouldn’t let it pass you by!



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