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Hi Guys!

So, Elliot and I have recently signed a contract for our first flat together! Now, it’s just a simple studio flat but we are so excited to make it our own. Our flat is unique for a studio as we have a separated kitchen and bathroom so we have a little more space than the average city centre studio. However, we have so many ideas of how we want to design the space we have that we need some help and guidance!

I have been watching flat tours of fellow lifestyle bloggers for the last month or so and I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you! I watch these for multiple reasons: to get ideas, to know where people buy their homeware AND ALSO BECAUSE I AM REALLY NOSEY! I love looking at flats in my favourite cities around the world and seeing how much the people who live there enjoy it. Flats in London, Paris, Bruges and New York are videos that I can watch hours and hours of!

This list is only UK flats simply because I’ll be able to access the shops where they have bought their things from! Due to the size of the flat I’ll be moving into, I tend to watch flat tours rather than house tours. I hope you like the videos I have picked!


My love for the city of London is endless. It is about a 4 hour journey from my home so I rarely visit but when I do I just adore the feel of the city. Sophie’s London flat is stunning and I especially love living room! The wall art is amazing and the amount of house plants she has is just right! Her flat is modest in size but the way she has designed it makes it look so big and spacious! I absolutely love it! She has designed the space to match her bubbly and bright personality and I think reflecting yourself in your space is so important!


This flat is in Manchester and the way that Megan has designed it is stunning. It is busy but everything has been purposefully placed and that is what I love. It is so homely yet still highly representative of the people who live there. The exposed brick work is stunning and the reams and reams of artwork that adorn the walls really give the space character! Although this YouTuber has moved out now… I’m still obsessed.


Robin’s flat is amazing because it has some really cool pieces. I am especially obsessed with his gorilla lamp and his dog toilet brush because it just adds some interesting elements to his space. He is another Londoner who has designed his space to reflect him. I enjoyed this tour because it showed me how to use darker colours to make a space my own. Although I am more of a fan of lighter colours I still really enjoyed the perspective that Robin has taken on his space.


Lottie, again, lives in London and her little space is so nice and clean and fresh. I really enjoy many elements of her design especially how white the bedroom is. There is something so classic about a white room with little pops of colour here and there. Her space inspires me as I really enjoy how she made the most out of the furniture and furnishings that were already in the flat. I love her house plants and her flat overall. I really hope to move into a flat with ceiling to floor windows like hers! The natural light just makes the space look so much bigger and spacious!

So, they are the 4 videos that are really inspiring me right now. Interior design is something that I am very interested in but have never had the opportunity to delve into. I am enamoured by the idea of being able to make a space my own through what I put in it and how I put them in there. Elliot and I cannot wait to move into our new flat and get designing! (A trip to IKEA is definitely on the cards). Of course, once we are completely happy with the space we’ll put up a video of where we live!

Thank you so much for reading and watching guys!

Kenny x

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