Can Social Media be a Career?


Can social media be a career_

Hi Guys!

If you read my last post then you know that I am taking a leap of faith into my content. I am putting time, effort and money into improving what I am putting out online and this has been spurred on by looking at the careers of some of my favourite social media people. So, today I thought I’d sit down and write about the idea of being an “Influencer” and why they should be appreciated for that!

I hope you like it!


Social media is an amazing thing. It brings people together, allows you to be introduced to new ideas, new concepts and new contents that without social media, we’d never see or experience. This has brought a new wave of business and a new career option: “Influencer”. The term “Influencer” seems to mean that you make money by influencing others. This influence is seen in the form of followers, likes, etc and you make money via advertising for companies or bringing out your own products.

There are two extremes to being an Influencer and I discovered this through my research into what being one really means. On one end you have the Influencers who are really huge. I’m talking about the likes of Shane Dawson, James Charles and Zoella to name but a few. These people have millions of people watching what they do and looking at what they put out into the world. This has achieved them a certain level of fame but fame comes at a cost. These are the Influencers who have seven figure bank account numbers. The social media millionaires. They are living the life that most people dream of and good for them. Their content connected with people and they were able to market to them. This happens to VERY few people. These Influencers still had to take risks, though. They had to risk releasing books, merch etc. and investing their money into it. They also have eyes on them at all times. They can’t say or do one thing wrong. A bad tweet can ruin their career. It’s a very volatile position to be in but if you do it right, it can be long lived.

Then you have the other end of the scale. The smaller Influencers who are putting out amazing content but not to as many people. I am talking people such as Lucy Moon, Elle Darby, Eltoria etc. These people have a large following of 100,000+ people and are making a career out of it. Lucy Moon has a series of vlogs about living life as an Influencer on the smaller scale and it is not easy. Her videos show that she is always in meetings, editing, sending photos to companies for approval and making content. It is a very realistic view of what making a career on social media is. She recently released merch which was a big success but it was more of a risk for her than the bigger Influencers as there was less people to market too. (sidenote: congrats to Lucy because the merch was a huge success).

Here is a link to one of her vlogs where she documents a week in the life of an Influencer!



However, to even have the opportunity to sustain yourself  via social media you have to be very lucky. Being a social media Influencer isn’t something that you can just become. You have to know something about business, about accounting, technology, investing and about people.

Overall, being a social media influencer would be a dream for me personally. Putting out content that I can work on full time and be paid for it sounds great. But to make the great content you have to invest in the great equipment. Plus, to make money you have to convince people to pay you and what you have to offer is good. It’s a very risky business and you have to be very lucky to be able to make a lot of money from it. I think that people look at the idea of it and have a very sugar coated perception.

So, this post is basically saying that all Influencers whether hugely popular or with a small audience, deserve respect. They have taken a risk in terms of taking their life down that path.

If someone you know puts out content: look at it, watch it, read it, like it, share it

Support them. It takes a lot of balls to even attempt to put out anything into the public domain. You don’t know how it’s going to be perceived. And to anyone wanting to try making content of any kind: GO FOR IT. Why not? Life is far too short to be thinking about “What If” or “Maybe I Shouldn’t”.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Make sure you go over to my Instagram and have a look at my profile!


Kenny 🙂

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