Hi guys!

This week, I went on an adventure (if that’s not enough to keep you reading I don’t know what is). I went to London for a 24-hour whistle stop tour of all the sights and sounds. I live a long way from London but the amazing people at National Express let me take a ride on one of their coaches! We got on the coach in the morning and landed in London in the early afternoon. (Here’s some pictures from along the way!).

en route to london

Our plan for the 24 hours was to see how many things we could do and experience. So, on our journey with National Express we had a look at all the little things we could do around the hotel. Well, we looked at that in between watching movies on the National Express VUER app. We were staying right in the centre of Covent Garden so there were loads of theatres, shops and places to take photos. Elliot’s amazing parents bought us tickets to go and see Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, so we had a plan for our evening.


Our coach ended its journey right in the heart of London at Victoria Coach Station which was really useful. We were walking distance from everything so there was no need to panic about transport anywhere once we landed. To be honest, we didn’t want to leave the coach because it had air-con and London was tropical! We headed to the hotel which was utterly stunning! Here’s a link to a YouTube video I made about it because we couldn’t believe how stunning the room was (please watch!).




We went for dinner at a Mexican restaurant (Elliot and I adore Mexican food) and then to the theatre. The show we went to see was really feel good and you can expect a post about how socially important the performance truly is. Plus, we had amazing seats. Honestly, if you ever go to London you must see Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. It will have you in tears and then laughing and all the emotions in between. Being an LGBT* person, that musical really resonated with me. I can’t stress the importance of being yourself and not allowing people to try and define you!


The musical also taught me that if you want to do something, then you’ve got to just do it. This rule applies to travelling as well. My trip with National Express was spontaneous and that made it so much more exciting. So, have a look in your diary and book a trip with National Express. You can go anywhere in the UK and Europe, so why not? I’ve left the link to their website below. You’ll be surprised at how affordable the travel is!



The morning after we had croissants, iced coffee and muffins in our London penthouse. It could not have been more perfect. I felt like I was living like a celebrity for a night and that is the feeling that travel gives you. Elliot and I wouldn’t have had this experience if it weren’t for us packing our bags and going off on an adventure. We checked out of the hotel at about 10am and hit the streets of London. The best thing about going for a short stay was the fact that we could pack light. We headed for the shops of Covent Garden and picked up some lovely little items for our new flat that we’re moving into soon! We are so excited to start our next chapter in a flat and we hope you’ll come along for the ride.


Well, for lunch we headed over to Kensington High Street. For some reason this is my favourite area of London. We stayed in Kensington on our trip to the Proms last year and loved every second of it. The area just screams London life and isn’t tourist heavy. Our favourite shop also resides there: WHOLE FOODS! I picked up my favourite red velvet cake, two bottles of water and some food for the trip back home! For lunch, I had Katsu sushi and Elliot had a pasta salad. We sat in Kensington Gardens and ate the lot.


By this time, it was around 2pm so we caught the bus to Victoria Coach Station for our trip home which set off at 4pm. We sat in a café and had an iced coffee whilst we waited for our departure time. The heat in London was INTENSE. It was so warm, which was a lovely change. However, the moment we climbed into our seats on the National Express coach and the driver turned the engine on, we were in heaven. The aircon was possibly the nicest thing to ever happen to us. We just groaned when the breeze hit our foreheads.


As you can imagine, Elliot and I were super tired by this time. We’d been in London non-stop for 24 hours. For most of the way back we had a snooze. The curtains on the coach let us block the sun out so it didn’t disturb us. After our sleep, we were feeling refreshed, so we watched a movie on the VUER app and let the driver get us home.


London is a beautiful city and I love visiting it. We have travelled with National Express multiple times and we enjoy our experience every time. We can’t wait to book with them again because Elliot and I love to travel. Travelling is so important because you can experience amazing things and it broadens your mind. We were so inspired as creative people and it gave us amazing ideas for future content so keep on watching. Remember that you need to #LookBeyond your town or city and think about where else you can go!



Thanks guys!

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Thanks for reading!



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