An Adventure to Liverpool | AD

| #AD | This post is part of a paid partnership with Northern Rail. All views and content are my own.


If you know me well, you’ll know that I really love to go on little adventures. Going for weekends away and day-trips really help to give me a fresh sense of everyday motivation and clear my mind. I think that everyone needs that time every few weeks to just escape their bubble and go somewhere. With this is mind, I was really excited when Northern Rail asked me to collaborate and test out their new app and go on a little adventure.



With the app, you can buy tickets direct from your phone with no booking fee! Then when you get to the station you don’t have to wait in lines to buy the tickets, you just scan your phone and off you go. I’ve left the link to their download page on the AppStore and the GooglePlay store just here if you fancy taking a look!


Using the app, I planned my trip to Liverpool for the day! I’ve never been to Liverpool before and I really fancied exploring somewhere new. I asked you guys where abouts in Liverpool I should go, and I got loads of responses (thank you)! The majority of people mentioned the Royal Albert Dock, so I made sure that was on top of my list.

The train journey there was super easy and quick. The app told me which platform I need to be at, what time we’d arrive, and it just made the trip stress-free.


When I arrived in Liverpool the first thing that took me off guard was the fact they had seagulls? I know it’s a bit odd to notice but I genuinely haven’t seen seagulls in a while. Liverpool is a coastal city and when I hopped off the train, the seagulls and the cool breeze set the scene.

My first port of call was the Royal Albert Dock and the waterfront (did you get the joke their?). To get there, I took a walk through the shopping district which was so much bigger than I had expected.

The dock itself was stunning. It had so much stunning architecture. I especially loved the Museum of Liverpool building. There was a huge glass window that had “IMAGINE PEACE” written on and the sound of the water sloshing really put me in my happy place. There was also a stack of fluorescent coloured rocks which I found out was a sculpture by Ugo Rondinone. The artistic theme filtered through to the Tate gallery which was next to the sculpture. I took a quick trip inside to look around (and visit my favourite place in any museum, the gift shop). I’m looking for some new wall art for my flat and I’m definitely feeling inspired in terms of colour and inspiration.


ll in all I spent around 2 hours at the dock. I grabbed a coffee from a Street Food Diner that was actually a renovated bus. People were sat upstairs having afternoon tea. I love seeing novel ideas like this one in cities. Being a creative person, exploring a new city and seeing new ideas can really help inspire me and I’m sure this is the same for so many others. I also spent some time looking at the thousands of locks that had been attached to the chain fence. People professing their love for one another or their family through little notes on the locks was all the more poignant when the building that read “IMAGINE PEACE” was set as a backdrop.


Heading back through the shopping district, I couldn’t resist but browse my favourite shops and visit some new ones that I’d never seen before in my city (Leeds). Liverpool also had this ridiculously large tower that I think was a radio station? Whatever it was, the building was huge and when you stand directly underneath it and look up, you get that funny feeling in your head and stomach. The building was an odd shape though, it looked like a plate sat on top of a stick (like how a circus clown does it). I headed to café to grab some lunch and watch the world roll by for a while. Whenever I visit anywhere, I first look around and explore then I sit. Without sounding odd, watching people go about their everyday lives in so interesting to me. Everyone lives in their own bubble and if I hadn’t have travelled to Liverpool, I would have probably never seen these people in my life. Exploring and travelling around your own country is such an important thing to do.


Then, I headed back to the station. Used the Northern Rail app to scan my tickets and sit on the platform waiting for my travel. As I headed out of Liverpool it was the height of golden hour and the sun was slowly beginning to set. The train headed through countryside and city on the journey back and all I did was relax. I can’t wait to go on another adventure and hopefully very soon.

Thank you so much to Northern for sponsoring this post and my day out to Liverpool!

Once again guys, if you’d like to download the app and go on your own adventure, the links are at the top of this post!

I also created a little video diary that I posted to my Instagram stories (it will also be on my highlights under “LIVERPOOL”! Please go ahead and take a look!

My Instagram is @kxnn.y (just click here!)

This is the link to the Northern Rail website for you guys to peruse.

Thank you so much for reading everyone and I hope you have the best day. Make sure you take a break and go on a mini adventure as well!

Kenny 😊

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