York: Some of the Best Bits


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Today I am writing about the historic city of York! This is a city teeming with beauty and history that is a must if you’re ever up North. I’ve been to York so many times over the years and I find that it’s a place you can never get bored of. If you love architecture, history, and slow living, York is perfect for you!

In this post I’m going to chat about some of the best bits you’ll find in York! This post is perfect for people who are visiting York for the day or for a short break. York is a tourist hot spot so if you want to explore York without the crowds then during the week is the perfect time to go and take some lovely photos! However, York is still enjoyable when busy, there’s a reason why everybody goes!

I want to give you some classic tourist spots as well as  some more hidden beauties that only the locals may know.

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The Shambles



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The Shambles is the number one tourist spot in York. The houses almost meet in the middle and tower over you in a very beautiful yet Gothic way! This street inspired J K Rowling and is the street that Diagon Alley was modelled after in the books and films. The street are lined with various shops including some incredible Harry Potter shops that sell EVERYTHING. However, in the height of summer, the official shop often has a queue to get in so this one is best to go to on off-peak times. A lovely photo spot that encapsulates what York is all about!

The History of the Shambles 

The Best Harry Potter Shop – “The Shop That Must Not Be Named”

The Golden Fleece


Although it may look like a classic pub (which it is and apparently the food is pretty good) it has a much more interesting history than expected. This is one of the most haunted places in York. The inn was established in 1503 and was featured on the TV show Most Haunted. People have had sightings of ghosts here for years and a quick google search can unearth peoples stories, pictures, and videos. If you’re brave enough, you can stay here overnight for a reasonable price. If you get the chance, pop in for a pint and see if you can feel an ghostly enigmas watching you. In a city as historic as York, ghost’s are spotted everywhere, but this place has had more sightings than anywhere else! (BOO!)

Clifford’s Tower


If you want a fabulous view of York, then this is the place to go. Clifford’s tower in the largest remaining part of York Castle and now acts as a lovely spot to visit and let the history seep in. The tower has so much history behind it from sieges to mass suicide and it such an iconic landmark in York. Plus, you can get a nice work out if you climb those steps. If you love photography, the view from the tower over York is a great photo spot. Clifford’s tower is the crescendo of York’s history.

The History of Clifford’s Tower

York Boat Cruise


A classic boat cruise is something that can bring joy to people of all ages. The river Ouse runs right through the heart of York and you can have a ride down it on a boat for quite small fee. A relaxing summer activity, you can get a view of all of the landmarks in York from afar. This will give you a chance to get some amazing photos! A different way to explore for 45 mins to 1 hour, why not hop on the river?

Click here to book!

The Best Bars

York is a really good place if you fancy a pint or a few cocktails. Here’s just a few of the more quirky places. Feel free to follow the link if you find any you like the sound of!

The House of Trembling Madness – the walls are lined with animal heads and they specialise in rare beers from destinations such as Belgium. They also sell a huge variety of beers in their shop!

Evil Eye – not only serving a comprehensive list of beers this spot also serves lovely street food. Their bar is decorated with bright colours and is a welcome break from the history focused city. This place is full of oddities that make it an amazing atmosphere!

The Habit – from the outside one might mistake this for an everyday coffee shop. However, at night it transforms into a place that hosts live music and a wide selection of drinks. It is a very small spot but is lovely none the less.

Thank you!

That is all I have for this post everyone! I hope you enjoy some of my suggestions. I haven’t tried them all BUT I have done a lot of research and these spots seem so lovely. I hope you all go and visit York because it is such a lovely city. Let me know if you have any suggestions for another post!

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Kenny 🙂

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