A Student Influencer: A Week In The Life

Hello you lovely lot!

In today’s blog post I’m going to be giving you a run down of what it’s like being a student and an influencer (especially around exam season)! So, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that this past week has been HECTIC to say the least!

I’ve had 2 exams as well as a TONNE of content and events to get on top of as well as my part time barista job! I thought I’d take you on a day by day tour of my week because a lot of people ask me how I balance it all! I hope you guys enjoy this post and, if you do, please head over to my Instagram and check out my Podcast which has recently been featured in Apple’s New and Noteworthy as well as the charts!

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Monday 03/06

This day was all about revision. I had my speaking exam for linguistics on Tuesday morning so I spent my Monday morning going over all of my sounds and my notes. I’m not really sure what my neighbours were thinking whilst I was going through my alveolar and uvular trill sounds but that’s their problem! I also had a quick shift at work on Monday as well. Revision, work, and coffee are three words that can sum up my Monday.

On Monday I wore something I recently got sent from Ralph Lauren! I got a package in the mail containing a piece from their Pride capsule collection and I love it. I posted this to my Instagram and the response was overwhelming! I have a little expression piece about Pride Profit which you can check out HERE if you like!

t-shirt gifted from Ralph Lauren (£75)

Tuesday 04/05

So, on Tuesday morning I had my dreaded speaking exam. Honestly, this was the exam I was most nervous for even though it only took 10 minutes. I think the animosity of a normal sit-down written exam calms me down a little. But, this exam was making sounds face to face with the person marking you. Nervous is an understatement.

However, Tuesday night I had a lovely treat. I was kindly invited to the series 3 launch of Ackley Bridge, a channel 4 TV show. What an amazing evening. We got a sneak preview of the first episode followed by a Q and A with the cast. Then we had a drinks and food reception hosted in the Everyman Cinema in Leeds City Centre. I took my best friend Kate along with me and we had a blast. Free booze and food whilst mingling with TV stars, what’s not to love.

Ackley Bridge Screening!

Wednesday 05/06 and Thursday 06/06

REVISION HEAVY DAY ON WEDNESDAY. I literally sat at my desk all day revising and had a break to re-watch a few episodes of Gavin and Stacey. Stress levels were high and not much happened.

THURSDAY WAS THE DAY OF MY FINAL EXAM! When 4pm hit and I left that exam hall the feeling of relief swept over me like never before. The pressure and constant nervous feeling is something that you don’t realise in so heavy until it’s not there. My shoulders felt light, I had a skip in my step and I was ready for summer!

My face after my last exam.

Saturday 07/06

*i skipped friday because i was in the coffee shop working all day lol*

So I kicked Saturday by getting a hair cut. I am rubbish at realising when I need a haircut. This time I had gone over 2 months and was starting to look a bit of a scruff. Then I headed into the city centre to go shopping! I bought an amazing t-shirt (a pic will be up on my Instagram soon) for an event on Sunday. Then I tried to have a nap because I had the mother of all shifts!

Leeds Ball is the biggest event on my uni’s calendar and I was working 8:30pm til 5am. It was an amazing, busy shift and I think people had an amazing time. I cannot wait to attend the ball next year.

me feeling tired

Sunday 08/06

I finished work at 4:45am and I had an event at 11:30am. I managed to get an hour or so of sleep but I was still running on empty. However, I jumped in the shower, put on a nice outfit, and put some concealer on to cover the bags under my eyes. I headed to a little event with Krispy Kreme to celebrate them opening a new store at a shopping centre called The Springs. (Click HERE for a link to their website!)

I met some lovely influencers and we chatted, drank coffee, and decorated some doughnuts. We also got given a goody bag with a dozen doughnuts and a voucher to spend on more doughnuts. I had a lovely time (even though I was VERY tired) and it was lovely to escape the city centre for a little while.

plz don’t make fun of my decorating
doughnuts, doughnuts, and more doughnuts

And that rounds off my super busy week! I really hope you guys enjoyed this little post. If you did then feel free to hit me up on Instagram and listen to my podcast. If you stayed tuned to my Instagram in a little while I’m going to be hosting a competition where you guys can win some Krispy Kreme doughnuts! (it will be #sponsored)

Thank you so much for reading!

Kenny 🙂 xx

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