The Distillery, Notting Hill: A Tipsy Trip To London

Hello you lovely lot!

I was sent a little email the other month that resulted in me taking an incredible trip down to London last week! I was invited to spend a night at The Distillery on Portobello Road and experience everything it has to offer.

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The Distillery is a HOTEL AND GIN DISTILLERY located in Notting Hill at the heart of Portobello Road, famous for its street market and gorgeous pastel coloured (very instagrammable) homes! I’d never been to this area of London and it felt very different to what I expected. We arrived just as parents were walking their children home from schools and the market traders were winding down for the day. It didn’t feel like London usually does to me: tourist focused. People lived and grew up in this area of London and that really resonated with me, personally.

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kenny metham the distillery london
happy happy happy!
kenny metham the distillery london
gorgeous tiles in the bathroom

The interior of the room was fresh and clean. Sometimes I find that even the nicest hotels can be a little bit raggedy but The Distillery was not that. The room was WELL STOCKED with Gin (what else can you expect) and there were a couple of complementary gin tasters which was a nice touch. My fave part of the room, however, was the bright airy classic bathroom. Waking up and heading into this little space was honestly something else. Coming a close second to the bathroom, though, was the view of Portobello Road out of the window closest to the bed. I think, when you wake up in a hotel you should have this feeling of excitement and relaxation. This room did just that.

kenny metham the distillery london
the bed of dreams *lol*
kenny metham the distillery london
their GORGEOUS restaurant
drinks and cakes – what’s better?

On the evening we were also given the opportunity to experience their Ginstitute. This attraction allows visitors to have a guided tour through the history of gin with accompanying drinks. This is where the title of this blog post comes from. By our fourth/fifth drink we were a little bit squiffy. We were in a group of 14 and our host, Kody, was super knowledgeable. Once we’d gone through the history of gin in their super cool underground Gin Palace, we headed to the distilling room. Here we tasted EVEN MORE GIN! We had a sip of around 20 flavours of gin with the end goal of making our own blend! The table was very international which I loved. We were tasting gin with visitors from America, India, and Kuwait. In the end, my gin contain: Cinnamon, Fennel, Lime, and Yorkshire Gold Tea! The room was full of laughs and fun and we honestly had an amazing time. We walked away with a goody bag containing a full bottle of our own flavoured gin blend AND a full bottle of the gin they distil in house: Portobello Road Gin.

a few of the different flavours we could put in our gin!
some spices for the gin!

We had a fabulous time at The Distillery and I cannot wait to return, one day. It was an amazing location and one that is brand new to myself. If you have the opportunity to visit, you definitely should!

*The hotel rooms cost between £125 and £150 and the gin experience is £120 per person!*

Thank you so much for reading!

Kenny 🙂

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