Glastonbury: My Top Picks!

Hi guys,

I hope you are all doing super well! This weekend I have spent a lot of my time (til very late at night) watching as many Glastonbury sets as I can. I would love to visit the festival one day but I’d want to do it properly, money no problem. However, when I read this years line up I was rather jealous of those in attendance. So here is a list of my Top 10 Glastonbury Performances of 2019. I really hope you enjoy this post and have a watch of some of the clips I’ve attached! Glastonbury is suh a diverse festival and these are just my picks. If your music taste is different I’m sure your opinions will be too!

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10. Soak

9. Kylie

8. King Princess

7. Stormzy

6. Years and Years

5. Lizzo

4. Aurora

3. Sigrid

2. Billie Eilish

1. Christine and The Queens

Thank you for reading *and watching*!

Kenny 🙂

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