A Crazy Day in West Yorkshire | Travel Diary

#AD | This travel diary is kindly sponsored by MCard Travel 😊

Hi guys!

As I’m sure you all know, I go to university in Leeds. Now, I love Leeds, but I do feel like it’s easy to get stuck in a city centre bubble and not explore everything the city and surrounding area has to offer. That’s why I was super excited when MCard who run oyster type travel cards for West Yorkshire, asked me to spend a day using their Under 19s MyDay ticket to visit some crazy/cool places. A little disclaimer here as I am now over 19 (sob!) but MCard gave me a special Blue MCard so I could load tickets for this piece and get the FULL experience. So, I brought my camera along for the trip and I thought I’d share a little travel diary with you!

So, what’s it all about?

It’s super simple. If you’re under 19 and fancy a day out (or ten) in West Yorkshire, then the MyDay ticket is perfect for you. It allows you unlimited travel on buses and it’s multi-operator; which basically means you aren’t restricted – if you want the freedom to use any bus across the county, MyDay is the one!

They are super affordable, and you can go all over West Yorkshire all day long. The more day tickets you put on your card, the cheaper they get so they are great value! If you want any more information head to their website:


Halifax: Culture and Coffee

So, I decided to start our day off in Halifax. The first thing I needed to do was get my ticket to get me there This part was so easy! Although you can buy MyDay tickets on the bus, I opted to pre-load my tickets on to the Blue MCard for ease. There’s a few ways you can do it at MCard ticket machines or  Bus Station Travel Centres – but I chose to use the handy app as it was so easy to load them on the go.

Getting on the bus was stress-free thanks to having the ticket on the MCard I just tapped my card on the machine next to the driver as I got on, meaning no hunting for change/no need to give anything to the driver so it’s really easy and quick (I don’t know about you, but I am so used to buying everything on card or my phone I rarely have change on me!). Plus it’s cheaper if you pre-load – it’s only £2.50 per ticket when you buy 10, which I think is a great price for a full days bus travel!

I really wanted to check out Halifax as I’ve never been. I didn’t do much research beforehand, but I knew that I really wanted to visit The Piece Hall. The Piece Hall is a huge courtyard that is lined with two stories of shops and cafes.

Halifax is definitely an historical place. As you can see from these pics, The Piece Hall was HUGE.

However, my favourite part had to be the independent shops and cafes that sat on the perimeter. There was traditional wood carvers, arts and crafts, and gin shops selling everything you can imagine. We stopped off for a drink and a slice of cake in a lovely plush restaurant/café. I also loved how bright the space was, thanks to the stone making it a perfect place for an Instagram shot! (If you want to follow my Instagram you can: @kxnn.y )

Other highlights of Halifax included their quaint shopping district as well as Eureka, the national children’s museum. Don’t be fooled by the name, the amazing displays and exhibitions may be for kids but can be enjoyed by everyone. It boasts some of the best designed education spaces that are full of sensory delights. Instead of reading about science and looking at things from behind glass, why not hear, smell, taste and feel it all!

For my next stop I  planned my route on my phone using wymetro.com, which by the way has SO MUCH travel help if you’re taking public transport – it‘s a great tool if you want to find out the best routes to get around! Then I got out my Blue MCard and hopped back on a bus to my next destination:

Bradford: Musicals and Museums

Bradford is another spot that I’ve never been to. However, as the MyDay ticket allows you to travel anywhere in West Yorkshire it is a great excuse to go places I’ve always wanted to go but never got around to! It was just intended to be a quick stop off. *Spoiler: we stayed longer than planned!*

I am a lover of theatre and I hear a lot about the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford and have been wanting to visit for ages. Honestly, it is a stunningly traditional theatre. Back in the day, the theatre was a grand building where only the richest people could afford. The Alhambra has the grand energy about it. With beautiful gold lettering, a glass wall, and a dome section, the theatre is stunning. They have played many touring musicals, the most recent being Les Miserables.

We also popped over to the National Science and Media Museum which was right next door. Again, a building as grand as this is one, I expected to find in London, not West Yorkshire! They had an incredible model of planet Earth which was ridiculously detailed. The museum was huge and had an exhibition on everything you could ever imagine.

Honestly, grab yourself a MyDay ticket if you’re under 19, make sure you book yourself tickets to a matinee performance and the Alhambra but get there in enough time to witness the amazing museum! Once we’d had a wander round the city centre, we headed to the bus station and went tooooo…..

Leeds : Big City, Big Fun

When we hopped off the bus from Bradford and landed in Leeds, I had this funny feeling similar to the one I got when I first wandered into Leeds city centre. It’s such an exciting metropolis that has endless places to explore. However, I thought I’d share my two fave places with you! Firstly, by this point I was a bit peckish, so I headed to my fave spot for quick food: Trinity Kitchen!

Trinity Kitchen is a space that is all about food. It has a set of core vendors that stay all year round as well as numerous stalls that change every few months. Each time you go you can have something quick and it’s all street food style. The décor is very industrial, and it transports you to a place where you can imagine a bustling market with lots of independent street food vendors. Honestly, it’s incredible. I headed to my fave spot which is there all year round: TORTILLA! This burrito joint is honestly incredible – you’re all going to love it. I am very blessed to say that they sent me a few vouchers for some free burritos! If you’ve ever got your MCard in hand and you’re in a group who can’t decide what they fancy to eat: Trinity Kitchen is your place!

Then we headed to one of my favourite things I’ve ever done… ever. AN ESCAPE ROOM! Leeds has tonnes of different Escape Rooms you can do including Alice in Wonderland themed rooms as well as Horror Rooms! We went to Escape Hunt UK because me friends and I tried their Fourth Samurai room a while ago and had a blast (and yes we escaped…just).

Escape Rooms are so much fun for the whole family and is a great way to spend an evening/afternoon! This one is located on the middle floor of The Light Shopping Centre! If you’ve never done an escape room before, the idea is simple: you get locked in a room and have to escape in an hour. Sound simple right? WRONG! There are so many puzzles and games and rooms within rooms that you have to go through before you can find the key!

So, that’s what I did on my day travelling around with a MyDay ticket. My top tips after my day’s adventures? Pre-load your MyDay tickets onto a Blue MCard – it makes travelling so much cheaper, actually getting on the bus becomes super quick and easy as you can tap and go (no need to search for change) and also use wymetro.com to easily plan your trips!

Honestly, I didn’t realise there was so much to do in West Yorkshire. I discovered some gorgeous places that I cannot wait to visit again. Thank you so much to MCard for working on the post with me! Stay tuned over on Instagram *click here to follow me* where I’ll be uploading a few lovely pics from my day out!

I really hope you guys enjoyed reading this! Please take a look at the MCard website if you want an amazing day in West Yorkshire. Just click right here.

Kenny 😊

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