Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Hi guys! So now is the time to start thinking about Christmas gifts and getting them ordered! In this blog post I’ll be including what I’ve found whilst browsing the shops this year! I hope you find this interesting and I hope that it inspires you even just a little bit. I’ve gone for THREE main categories: lifestyle, fashion, and beauty! I think you’ll find some super cool bit and bobs! I have tried to make the gift ideas on this list suitable for all gender identities however that can get a little hard in the incredibly binary world of fashion. I really hope that you enjoy. 🙂

This blog post was inspired by the lovely Em over at EmTalks – click here to take a look at her AMAZING gift guide 🙂


If you know someone super well then I think clothing is an amazing idea as a gift for Christmas! I think buying someone clothes shows that you know them and their taste inside out! So these are a few bits and bobs that I think everyone can rock.

Shoes – shoes are such a good idea for Christmas. As long as you know their shoe size you can go crazy. I think picking shoes is a lot easier than picking actual clothing items simply because clothing is so taste dependent whereas shoes are much easier to get right. I am really loving chunky shoes at the minute and ASOS are killing it with shoes like the ones I’ve linked at super good prices (the pic is of me wearing them!). If your budget is a little bit bigger I think that these classic Vans could work for lots of different people and who doesn’t need a pair of easy-to-wear canvas shoes in their life? Or a sturdy pair of Dr Martins to see them through the spring could be amazing (i love embroidered Docs!). If your budget is limitless and you love chunky shoes as much as I do then these Balenciaga shoes could work for you! (These Alexander McQueen bad boys are on my Christmas list FOR SURE)

I think bags are also an amazing ideas for gifts and my faves this year are coming from Kanken (so stylish and easy for uni), Ted Baker (this is super similar to the bag i’m currently using and I LOVE it) and, of course, GUCCI. I am also loving jackets and Levi’s has some really nice ones in at the minute. ASOS are also killing it on the jacket front especially borg. I am obsessed with borg.


Lifestyle gifts are ones that people will be using everyday for a long time. A gift that perfectly fits into your life and routines is a perfect gift in my eyes. Amazing examples of luxury lifestyle gifts would be a camera (this is the Canon M50 which is the one I use). You could also buy someone a personalised Chilly’s bottle for everyday use! At the top of my Christmas list this year is this Nespresso Coffee Machine – it’s something that I’d use everyday!

Once again if you’re looking to spend the big bucks a new phone could be the trick. I am an iPhone person myself so the new iPhone 11 would be a dream (it won’t be a reality, though). Failing that, phone cases are lovely little stocking fillers and Skinny Dip London do some lovely ones! If you want a more expensive one then Moschino have a great selection. Something more out of the blue could be some home ware! I love some of the bits and bobs in H&M home as well as Zara Home. Staying with the home ware theme WALL ART! Wall Art is actually incredible for giving a space the right kind of vibe you wish. Earlier this year I was lucky enough to work with Desenio and I LOVE all of their pieces.

Lifestyle gifts can also include going to the theatre – if you’re in London and get a chance to go an see Everybody’s Talking About Jamie I implore you to go! It’s incredible. Another super cool experience could be a little weekend trip and you can find some lovely affordable getaways on sites like Wowcher. However, if you’re looking for hotel recommendations I love staying at Raddisson Hotels. Ooh, and in July I was invited to stay the night at The Distillery in London and honestly I had the best time. They make their own gin there and you can book onto their evening course where you make your own bottle of flavoured gin! Here’s a link to my blog post all about it!


Beauty is, by far, the most competitive industry and Christmas and they will employ as many marketing strategies on you as possible. However, you need to remember to buy the things that you know work and you know the person you’re buying for will enjoy! I’m no beauty guru so I won’t suggest any makeup but I love skin care and my favourite brand right now is The Ordinary – their products work super well and are affordable. I have also used products by Rituals – I received a Rituals gift set last year and loved it! Other skin care brand that make lovely gifts include Mario Badescu (the lavender facial spray is my go-to facial spray) and Clinique!

So, I think that concludes my Christmas 2019 gift guide! I hope you find some inspiration in what I’ve written and linked here! Enjoy your gift buying and giving and let me know if I helped you out at all!

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Thank you so much for reading!

Kenny 🙂

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