Monochrome: My Fave Black and White Outfits

Okay, so I have to admit something…

80% of my wardrobe is black and white. I know. I know. People always tell me (especially my parents) “oh you should mix it up” or “you look great in <insert colour here>” but I have one response that I always give. This response works so well for me and it is…. “no”.

I love monochromatic outfits more than life itself. Black and white are the colours that suit me the most. A lot of people have to add a pop of colour to a black and white outfit but I’m lucky in that I already have that pop of colour biologically attached to me: my hair. When I figure out that black and white was my colour palette I suddenly realise how versatile it can be!

So, in today’s post I’m going to be showing you some of my fave black and white looks taken straight from my Instagram account! I’m going to be counting down from 5 to 1 and letting you know where I got some of the pieces from!


Shoes: Nike, Jeans: ASOS, T-Shirt: ASOS, Denim Jacket: Boohoo Man


Shirt: ZARA, Borg Jacket: ASOS


Shoes: VANS, Trousers: Primark, Shirt: Zara


TShirt – ASOS, Trousers: ASOS, Shoes: FILA


Shoes: FILA, Trousers: ASOS, Hoodie: Jesey.Co, Jacket: Vintage Shop (idk), Bag: Ted Baker

And there we have it! That was just a super quick and fun run down of some of my fave monochromatic outfits I’ve worn recently. If you want to see some more of me LEWKS please head over to my instagram and give me a follow! All you have to do is click here.

Thank you so much for reading guys and let me know our fave colours to wear.

Kenny 🙂

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