Get Your 90’s On: Everyday Double Denim

Hi guys!


So, this is my first ever fashion focused post and I cannot wait to share it with you all! Firstly, I haven’t really been dressing up all that much (for obvious reasons) but my only excuse to actually get out of my PJ’s walking my dog. So, this has been my go to dog walking outfit for the past few days! It’s super comfy, super stylish and super 90’s. I do love a double denim moment but it has to be right. It has to look purposeful because if not then people will assume you’ve made the stereotypical, number one, fashion faux pas. I was born at the VERY end of the 90’s (1999 to be exact) but I have such an affinity for 90’s fashion. I think that’s probably because I grew up watching TV shows like Friends and The Fresh Prince of Bell Air and movies like Clueless! This is something that I would wear on a daily basis and I really hope you like it….

So let’s start with the shoes! I LOVE a chunky trainer and they don’t get much chunkier than this! These are the FILA Disruptor II and can be found by clicking right here ! I bought these in the sale at Urban Outfitters and I found them right right at the back of a shop hiding. Luckily for me, that day they were having half price of all sale prices and I got them for only £10!! (Ridiculous I know and I still think they made some kind of mistake. Now I have to roll up the bottom of the trouser and show a bit of ankle when wearing these because I have quite short legs and going from trouser to a chunky trainer with no ankle makes my legs look even shorter! Anyway, I love these trainers lots and lots.

Next up, the jeans. I think these are so cute! They’re from ASOS and I love the positions of the rips and the racing stripe down the side. If you want to pick them up you can click RIGHT HERE! They racing stripe means they match lovely with anything red and white! If you browse my Instagram you’ll see I wore them with a David Bowie tee and it looked so good (in my opinion). Also, let’s talk about the tshirt. I was browsing the internet one day looking for a simple white tshirt that had my fave art on them. I love wearing art on my clothing but it rare to find them at a affordable price. However, I stumbled across this INCREDIBLE etsy store selling arty tess for a super affordable price! They’re not the best quality but the packet did come with some sweets which was cute. If you want to have a look just click HERE.

Finally we come to the lovely jacket which was gifted to me from Ralph Lauren! They currently don’t have it in stock but there are left in House of Fraser (just click right here). This is such a simple classic jacket that screams 90’s. It goes so well with so many things and has become a staple in my everyday fashion. I love wearing it with an all black outift as well because it tops it off so nicely. The denim jacket is a slight bit darker than the jeans in this look but that makes it not looks like a co-ord two piece (no one wants a two piece denim track suit).

And that is my lovely little dog walking look! I hope you enjoyed it and you’re all staying safe!

Much Love,


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